Banaue Batad Bangaan Photo Adventure May 2011!


Explore Batad to Bangaan with Backpack Photography’s Banaue Photo Adventure!

Go beyond the usual Banaue tours.
See the magnificent amphitheater terraces of Batad.
Hike through the terraces to Tappia falls.
Marvel at the incredible terraces of Bangaan.
And bring home better photos and fun memories of a great trip!

Dates: May 13-15, 2011
(Deadline for registration and payment is April 29, 2011 May 6, 2011)


Fee: P9,000

  • Transportation (To and from Manila and around Banaue)
  • 8 Main Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Insurance
  • Handouts

Mandatories: Participants must be adventurous and willing to hike. Porters can be requested in advance (fees on participant’s expense) • Trip will proceed as scheduled if we meet the minimum number of participants (10-15)


Day 0
Leave Manila for Banaue via GV Florida at Sampaloc

Day 1
We arrive early morning in Banaue for breakfast then ride a jeep to Batad Saddle to start the hike. We’ll reach Batad proper by lunchtime. In the afternoon, we’ll explore the Batad town and then the Tappia Falls. The trip to the falls is optional: participants can choose to join or stay in the town proper. We will stay overnight in Batad and granted a window of good weather, do nightshooting.

Day 2
We leave in the morning for the Saddle and take the scenic backdoor trail to Bangaan. Porters can be hired by participants at their own expense to carry their bags during the easy trek. By lunchtime, we reach Bangaan. In the afternoon, we will explore the magnificent Bangaan terraces and the community there. We will spend the night at Bangaan.

Day 3
We’ll have mountainside breakfast at Bangaan, then leave for Banaue by mid-morning. Lunch will be at Banaue town proper followed by a closing free-for-all Photo Review Session and formal closing ceremony of the workshop. Free time in the afternoon will allow participants to do some more sightseeing or pasalubong shopping. We leave for Manila in the evening.

Suggested equipment:

  • A Digital Camera (Preferred are DSLRs or other Interchangeable Lens Cameras)
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Filters ND8 (Neutral Density), GND (Gradual Neutral Density) and CPL (Circular Polarizer)
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella or Poncho, dry bags in case it rains
  • Extra batteries (cold weather makes batteries run out of power faster)

Suggested gear:

  • Shirts and pants made of Dri-fit or similar fabric for the hike
  • Water bottle and trail food
  • Jacket or malong (it can get very cold especially at night)


  • Special medications (there are no pharmacies in the area)
  • Extra change of clothes (especially for those taking a dip in Tappia falls)

(Deadline for registration and payment is April 29, 2011 May 6, 2011)

4 thoughts on “Banaue Batad Bangaan Photo Adventure May 2011!

  1. ristof Reply

    hi, ferdz,

    wish you can conduct backpack photography here in Bukidnon. i’m sure you already know that the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th highest peaks of the country can be found here… i can facilitate you if you wish to conduct activity here especially in mt. kalatungan…

  2. arlouie Reply

    what if my camera is a point and shoot(samsung pl120) or a ge x500, am i still welcome to the trip?

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Yes! We cater to all levels 😀

  3. emjay Reply

    1) What is the estimated distance (km) from BATAD-SADDLE to BATAD? is there alternative way say jeep? Incase there is no jeepney, would there be porters? would the terrain be steep?
    2) What is the estimated distance (km) from BATAD-SADDLE to BANGAAN? How is the terrain? Is there alternative way say jeep?
    3)From BANGAAN to BANAWE, you did not mention any hiking here. would this mean that participants would just take a jeepney ride?
    I want to take pics of Banawe but more important is I want to assess myself if I can join this safari.

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