Batanes Unusual: A 3-Island Hop Photo Tour April 2-8, 2012

Join our 3-island Photo Tour and Workshop.
Explore the verdant sights of Batan.
Spend an overnight on serene Sabtang.
And venture to the wilder coasts of Itbayat.
Experience Batanes in a new light.

Registration Closed

Registration deadline is on February 24, 2012. LIMITED to 14 slots only! Only those who paid the reservation fee will be included in the confirmed slot.

What you’ll learn during the Photo Tour

  • Preparing for an outdoor and travel shoot
  • Light and Exposure
  • Utilizing Filters for better exposure
  • People and Environmental Portraits
  • Shooting Architecture
  • Capturing the Sense of Place and the Moment
  • Photo Sharing


Day Details
1 Arrival Batanes
2 Sabtang Overnight
3 Sabtang – Batan Island
4 Batan Island
5 Some participants leave for Manila
5 Itbayat Island Overnight
6 Itbayat – Batan
7 Leave for Manila

Workshop Details

Skill Level: Any Skill Level

For whom this is for: Participants who are willing to learn more about Travel and Outdoor Photography.

Date: April 1-7, 2012 April 2-8, 2012
(Update) November 25, 2011: After checking with Seair, we found out that Seair has no flights to/fro Batanes on April 5, 2012 Maunday Thursday. We’re sliding the schedule a day to accommodate those who wish to join the 5-day Photo Tour

Venue: Around Batan Island, Sabtang Island and Itbayat Island

Workshop Fee:

Details 5 Days/4 Nights 7 Days/6 Nights
w/o Airfare Php 16,500 Php 21,000
w/ Airfare Php 34,700 Php 38,700

Inclusive of

  • Accommodations for 7days/6nights
  • Meals, packed lunches, buffet dinners
  • Transportation
  • Travel Insurance


  • Any camera that has Manual Controls
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Compass
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Your sense of Adventure 😉


  • Filters (ND8, Graduated Neutral Density Filters, Circular Polarizer)
  • Remote or Shutter Release for long exposure
  • Laptop, Netbook, iPad for Photo Sharing

Registration Closed

Registration deadline is on February 24, 2012. LIMITED to 14 slots only! Only those who paid the reservation fee will be included in the confirmed slot.

18 thoughts on “Batanes Unusual: A 3-Island Hop Photo Tour April 2-8, 2012

  1. bEb Reply

    good day. i would like to know who will conduct the said workshop. im interested on this hopefully theyll allow me for a leave. Thanks!

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Beb! The leads for this photo tours would be Travel Photographers Ferdz Decena and Oggie Ramos. You could see their profiles at Photo Leaders Page

  2. docgelo Reply

    i want this! but work won’t allow me 🙁

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hopefully next time Doc Gelo 😀

  3. edwin Reply

    hello ferdz, how’s everything? m interested again to join your photo tour, but this time at Batanes on April 1-7, 2012. kindly reserve me two slots. Cant wait to join you and Oggie again. just email me the details. thanks

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Edwin! yes! Hoping to see you here again. We’ll send you the details 😀

  4. Madonna Reply


    I sent an email to [email protected]. Hoping to get a reply from you soon! Thanks a lot!

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Madonna! Just sent you an email as well 😀

  5. Madonna Reply

    😀 registered! Excited to know the details! Thanks!

  6. Ena Cruz Reply

    Hi, Ferdz!

    I’m very interested in joining your workshop, but I don’t use a DSLR and filters. All I have is a Canon PowerShot SX10 which is a hyrbid with a fixed lens. I want to join the tour, but will I find the workshop useful, given that I don’t use a DSLR?


    P.S. You’re in my Pinoy Photographers circle on G+!

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Ena! The Photo Tour is good for any kind of users. We had participants before who only use point and shoot during the trip.

  7. edi Reply

    Is it possible to join your trip on April 4-8 only (5D/4N) ? If so, will it be the same price? Will I be able to join the trip from Batan to Sabtang Island?


    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Edi! The price for the 5D/4N Batan-Sabtang only is 16500 w/o airfare and P31,000 with airfare. The dates are for April 2-6 since that would be the first part of the itinerary 🙂

  8. edi Reply

    Thanks for letting me know of the price but my main concern is the date. Can I join your group on APRIL 4-8 instead???


  9. edi Reply

    I already filled out the registration form. Please let me know if you didn’t get it.


    1. Ferdz Reply

      Thanks Edi! Sent you a confirmation letter. Kindly check your email 🙂

  10. garland maban Reply

    Hello. I would like to ask if it’s ok using my Canon G11 in your workshop. It has manual control but not SLR. I love photography but i dont have SLR yet. thanks

    1. Ferdz Reply

      Hi Garland! SLR is not a requirement. G11 also has manual controls so you would benefit from the photo tips as well during the tour 🙂

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