2014 Backpack Photography Schedule

Yes we’ve been hibernating for a while, the rainy season has kept us from pushing through with our plans. But we’re back come 2014 and this time we’re bringing you to El Nido as our first destination. It’s one of my favorite places in the country and to add to the natural wonders we’re coinciding it with the Ati-atihan festival on the little known town of Barotuan in El Nido. It would surely add more photo opportunities for you guys. So check the details and sign up here guys!

In the line up for 2014 Backpack Photography Schedule is Batanes and the 3-years in the making Imbayah Festival in Banaue both for April. We’ll be having the registration page for Batanes up within the week. Hope to see you in one of our photo tours.

3 thoughts on “2014 Backpack Photography Schedule

  1. arlene Reply

    Do you have or can recommend any basic seminar on photography? Can you please include me in the mailing list in case you have any schedule for photo shoot this 2014. Would you allow an 8 year old to accompany? Thanks and Regards.

  2. Julien Gadian Reply

    please advise schedule of photography tour for 2014. Thanks,

  3. Raiz Cajulis Reply

    Hi Ferdz,

    Would there be another Backpack photography schedule for Batanes this year?



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