Frequently-Asked Questions

Why go with Backpack Photography?

We tailor our photo trips to the special needs of photographers, carefully timing each stop so as to give our participants good opportunities to capture images in optimal light.  Unlike conventional tourist tours, we intentionally do not cram our itinerary with stops to give our participants time to immerse in the setting, savor the experience, and walk away with good images.

Is Backpack Photography only for backpackers?

While we aim to promote backpacking and traveling light, we welcome all kinds of participants to our photo tours and workshops.


Can I bring more than a backpack?

Sure you can.  While we espouse backpacking and traveling light, the choice of luggage is entirely up to you, of course, subject to limitations of the airline (if traveling by air) or for the sake of easier transfers/facilitating mobility.  Our participants also have the option to hire porters, where available, at their own expense.


I’m a casual tourist.  Can I benefit from going with Backpack Photography?

We’ve had a good mix of participants over the years, casual tourists included.  One thing casual tourists learn in our photo tours and workshops is that timing is everything when it comes to coming home with better pictures.  The itinerary is not crammed with stops so everyone, casual tourists included, will be able to savor each one.

As an enthusiast, what can I gain from joining Backpack Photography?

We specialize in small groups so you can get personalized lessons and tips from our facilitators.  We also time our stops so you get optimal light and great opportunities for capturing better images.

Is there a certain level of photography skill required to join?

While we encourage participants to have a basic knowledge of photography, any skill level would benefit from our photo tours as the mentors would be there to guide and suggest ways to capture a certain scenery or moment.


Does Backpack Photography do specialized private tours or workshops for groups or companies?

Yes!  Do contact us directly and let us know your requirements which may include desired destination, aims, etc.  We can tailor the photo trip or workshop according to your objectives, needs and/or the group’s interest/skill level.