Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

 PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THROUGH THE DETAILS OF THIS DOCUMENT.   By registering for this trip, it is understood that you have read this document and accept these Terms and Conditions which constitutes a binding agreement between you and Backpack Photography.  This Agreement contains the understanding between you and Backpack Photography regarding the subject matters discussed as follows:


Participants who register before the set deadline for registration must make an initial payment to reserve a slot.  This reservation fee varies from trip-to-trip.  For the Backpack Batanes 3-Island Hop Photo Tour, the amount is P10,000 (Ten Thousand Pesos).


The Participant must settle the full payment on or before the set deadline for payment. This varies from destination to destination and according to the mode of transportation (via air or land travel).


All registrants will be contacted by Backpack Photography via email to remind them of the deadline for full payment.  Participants who are not able to settle the full payment on or before the set deadline for payment shall forfeit their slots.   For trips that require booking through Backpack Photography for ticket purchases, failure to settle the full payment on or before the set due date will mean that the booking will be not be made.  Backpack Photography will not be responsible for the loss of the slot/s should the bus/airline be fully-booked at the time when the delayed payment is fully settled.


A Participant who decides to cancel his/her reservation will be subject to the ff. terms:

4.1.1   If a Participant cancels his/her reservation before the deadline for full payment:

No refund of the reservation fee will be issued

4.1.2   If a Participant cancels his/her reservation after the deadline for full payment:

No refund of the reservation fee will be issued.  However, he/she will be entitled to a refund of his/her deposit minus the amount already paid to reserve accommodations, transportation and other services required for the trip.

4.1.3   If a Participant cancels his/her reservation 7 days before the trip:

He/she won’t be entitled to a refund of both the deposit and full payment.


 Backpack Photography reserves the right to cancel the scheduled trip/workshop/photo tour due to the ff: reasons:

  • inability to meet the minimum number of participants which is set and declared on the announcement of the trip/workshop/photo tour;
  • unfavorable weather conditions;
  • other acts of God such as earthquake, natural disasters at the place of origin and/or destination


 While all payments are non-refundable, in case the registrant cannot make it to the trip/workshop/photo tour due to work commitments, sickness or any other valid reason, he/she may opt to transfer his/her slot to his/her appointed proxy with no added costs.  However, this excludes trips/workshops/photo tours that require registration for the passenger manifest such as booking for airline seats.  The proxy is required to be endorsed to Backpack Photography via email at least three (3) days prior to the trip date and is required to bring proper identification (Passport, SSS/GSIS I.D., Driver’s License) on the travel date.


7.1 All payments are non-refundable except for trip/workshop/photo tour cancellations due to the weather or other acts of God.

7.2 If the trip is ongoing when canceled, Backpack Photography will refund participants the amount of payment minus fees already paid to suppliers and the cost of meals already consumed.  The refund will be processed within a week from the date of the canceled trip/workshop/photo tour.

7.3 The Participant shall not be refunded for an activity included in the itinerary which he/she declines to undertake at the last minute.

7.4  A full refund will only be paid if the trip/workshop/photo tour is canceled by Backpack Photography for not meeting the minimum number of participants set at the announcement of said trip.


8.1        Each Participant shall be covered by travel insurance.

8.2        In case of an accident during the trip/workshop/photo tour, Backpack Photography shall assist in the claiming of insurance coverage.  The Participant/Participant’s beneficiary will be required pertinent documents to be able to make a claim.

8.3        To claim insurance coverage:

  • The claimant will be emailed a form;
  • Claimant should completely fill out the form and submit it along with pertinent documents to Backpack Photography who shall forward the aforementioned documents to the insurance company.
  • The insurance company will advise Backpack Photography and the claimant when the claim is processed and made available.



9.1 Waiver Policy

Before the trip, Backpack Photography requires all its participants to sign a waiver that contains the following:

9.1.1  That the Participant acknowledges that trekking/boating/plane rides entails known and unanticipated risks that may result to accidents and injuries.

9.1.2   That the Participant volunteers to participate in such activities in spite of the risks and frees Backpack Photography from any liability, any and all claims, demands, or causes of action related to his/her voluntary participation.

9.1.3   That Backpack Photography shall not be liable for any accidents that may happen to the participant throughout the trip.

9.2   Minors

Backpack Photography shall not be liable for minors who join the trip/workshop/photo tour.  If traveling with an adult, they shall be supervised by their adult companion.

9.3  Disabled, Pregnant and Elderly Participants

Backpack Photography shall not be liable for disabled, pregnant and elderly participants for the whole trip.

9.4   Baggage

Backpack Photography shall not be liable for the loss or damage of bags and/or personal belongings of its Participants.  Participants shall be held responsible for their own belongings.

9.5   Unruly and/or unsafe behavior

Backpack Photography reserves the right to refuse and turn back a Participant who exhibits unruly and disruptive behavior during the trip/workshop/photo tour or disregards safety measures.


10.1   Backpack Photography requires each participant to provide personal information for the purposes of identification, and application for insurance.   Backpack Photography will not be liable for false information presented.

10.2   Backpack Photography will not share information about its participants with anyone unless necessitated by law.